Monday, March 20, 2006

My commendation for Pulitzer prize for journalism.

...would go jointly to:
1. Amy Goodman, and her group at Democracy Now and to
2. Ahmed Mansur, Al Jazeera correspondent and Laith Mushtaq, Al Jazeera cameraman.

In spite of the fascist clampdowns in Bushland, there are still many people and organizations striving to make a difference in the Belly of the Tiger (as Che called it).

But this year I watched a news download that in it's way, rivals Ed Murrow's reportage on the blitz in London:

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
EXCLUSIVE: Al Jazeera Reporters Give Bloody First Hand Account of April ’04 U.S. Siege of Fallujah

You can download the show (and make a financial contribution) at:

The website also has a transcript of the show, but Mansur's voice is part of what makes this such a compelling and touching piece of journalism.

You can view, read, see and hear all of Amy's shows at their archive page:

Finally, if there were a god, I would ask Her to bless Amy Goodman and Democracy Now, one of the most significant Forces For Good in the world today.